standard-title Patient Roundtable

Patient Roundtable

Friday, December 18th: 12pm – 2pm PST via Zoom

Join the EndBrainCancer and event sponsor Karyopharm Therapeutics in this unique opportunity to make your voice heard as a patient with GBM or caregiver in creating a clinical trial/study by adding in your “voice” into the clinical trial/study design related to the topic of digital monitoring devices. Open to patients with newly-diagnosed and recurrent GBM and their caregivers only.

There are two ways to participate – see right column:

  1. If you haven’t already done so, please take the short GBM Panel Survey.
  2. And, to further share your voice, please register for EBCI’s Deep Dive & Follow-Up to the Survey “Virtual Patient & Caregiver Roundtable”.

First take the short GBM Patient Panel Survey HERE and then complete the registration form below.