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The Wilmot Cancer Institute offers multidisciplinary cancer care, meaning physicians and staff from a wide range of disciplines – including surgical, medical and radiation oncology – are working together to form the best possible treatment plan for each patient based on the most recent scientific discoveries and treatments. Doctors, nurses, support staff and research scientists are all brought together, under a single roof, with a single mission: raising the bar for cancer care in Rochester and Upstate New York. URMC is the one and only academic medical center in Rochester NY and employs 2 neuro oncologists, a multidisciplinary team, clinical trials (both investigator and industry-initiated as well as SWOG, Alliance and NRG cooperative groups) and a neuro oncology fellowship program.

Precision Medicine for brain and spinal tumors

If you have a suspected brain or spinal tumor, your first step is crucial. Some of the most promising treatments are only available at the time of diagnosis. If you start another treatment plan, these advanced options may no longer be available. Starting with UR Medicine provides access to the very latest, leading-edge clinical trials—giving you the widest possible range of treatment options.

brain-spine-teamA Different Kind of Care

The Brain and Spinal Tumor Program at UR Medicine provides the region’s most advanced approach to the treatment of brain and spinal tumors.

Multidisciplinary care. You will have a complete multidisciplinary team of physicians, including neurosurgeons, radiation oncologists and neuro-oncologists. These doctors work closely with one another—and with you—to develop an individualized treatment plan.

Leader in clinical trials. We offer the most neuro-oncology clinical trials in all of Upstate New York. Clinical trials ensure that you have the widest range of treatment options available.

State-of-the-art treatments and technology. As part of the region’s only academic medical center, we offer diagnostic tools and surgical procedures that are not available anywhere else in the area.

Primary Contact

Jennifer N. Serventi, RPA-C, CCRP
NeuroOncology Research Associate
Department of Neurology
University of Rochester Medical Center
601 Elmwood Avenue, Box 704
Rochester, NY 14642

Patients call: 585-275-5863
Research issues call: 585-276-3971
fax 585-276-2463

Brain & Spinal Cord Cancer Team

Neurosurgery – Brain
Spine Oncology
Radiation Oncology