Hi Everyone. Something has been on my mind for the last several months, so today, I thought I would BLOG about it.

I’ve been really slow over the last two months to respond to all the day-to-day patient & caregiver requests for help that come in and I wanted to explain why. If you’ve been reading this BLOG or follow up on our EndBrainCancer facebook page or via Twitter at EndBrainCancer, then you know that we are in the midst as an organization of expanding our patient support services programs due to the demand created when the National Brain Tumor Society dropped their day-to-day patient support services so that they could focus their attention on brain cancer reseasrch. So, before we can expand and before I can hire the staff that we need, I need to raise about $250,000, so that is what I’ve been focusing most of my energies towards.

I apologize to those that I have not yet been able to respond to but I am doing my best. Thank you for understanding.

Dellann Elliott
Founder, President & CEO
The Chris Elliott Fund/The Elliott Foundation
www.ChrisElliottFund.org and [email protected]