We are introducing a new 10 part series on recipes to promote brain health brought to you by our Health Information Concierge. Below is the fourth brain food and recipe in the series. Do you find yourself needing help finding the right diet combination during or post-treatment? Ask the Chris Elliott Fund, we are here to help you in your process to plan a diet plan around foods that are healthy and good for the brain. Call or email today: 425-444-2215 or  [email protected].

walnuts for brain cancer brain food

Brain Food #4: Walnuts

Bunch of walnutsOmega-3 fatty acids boost the function of neurotransmitters, memory and cognitive skills. Omega-3s are heart-healthy too, helping keep arteries clear, blood flow strong, and good circulation benefits the brain as well. You can make walnuts a daily habit, sprinkling a handful on a salad or eating them as an afternoon snack. Walnuts also contain memory-protective vitamin B6

We know cooking and preparing these brain foods can get complicated especially if you are balancing treatment, family and work.  We wanted to provide an easy and simple recipe to help you start preparing your brain foods today!

We’ve found a great way to prepare walnuts with a carmelized walnuts recipe. Using california walnuts, maple syrup and a little salt you can prepare a tasty snack to eat throughout the day. Helping promote memory and brain health!

Head over the walnuts.org to see the full recipe.