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Introducing The ROADS Clinical Study

For patients with newly diagnosed metastatic brain tumors

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Have you or someone you know been diagnosed with a metastatic brain tumor? If so, you should be aware of the opportunity to participate in the ROADS Clinical Study. This important clinical study compares 2 FDA-cleared radiation treatments that are proven safe and effective: GammaTile Therapy and stereotactic radiotherapy (SRT). The ROADS Clinical Study is enrolling now at participating hospitals across the country.

The Background

Metastatic brain tumors (also called secondary brain tumors) are caused by cancer cells that have metastasized or spread to the brain from a different part of the body. Radiation therapy kills cancer cells and shrinks tumors.1-3 It is often combined with surgery and 
chemotherapy to help eliminate any remaining tumor cells and prevent the tumor from returning.1-3 Both of these radiation treatment strategies will be used in this study, as applicable.

Radiation Therapies


Placed at the time of brain tumor–removal surgery, GammaTile Therapy  immediately begins delivering targeted radiation to the area where the tumor  was removed, limiting radiation exposure to healthy tissue.


SRT is a precise form of external beam radiation therapy (EBRT) that is targeted directly at the brain tumor to limit radiation exposure to healthy tissue. It is typically completed on an outpatient basis in a series of 1-5 treatments.

Study Overview

Study participants will be randomly divided into 2 treatment groups: brain tumor removal surgery + GammaTile Therapy and brain tumor removal surgery + SRT. Following brain tumor removal surgery, clinical study participants will receive either GammaTile Therapy or SRT to the area where the tumor was. 

Study participants in both groups may have additional brain tumors that may not be suitable for surgical removal. These remaining  
brain tumors will be treated with SRT.

As a ROADS Clinical Study participant, you will receive a proven safe treatment and your care will be closely monitored by a physician and the medical research team. In addition, you’ll be making an important contribution to future patients with brain tumors, by helping to ensure they also receive the best possible treatment.
GTMedical Disclaimer: 
The ROADS Study is sponsored by GT Medical Technologies, Inc., the makers of GammaTile Therapy®. Please discuss the risks and benefits of participating in this clinical study with your care team. Indications
GammaTile Therapy is indicated to deliver radiation therapy in patients with newly diagnosed malignant and recurrent brain tumors. Possible complications can occur with any neurosurgical procedure and include cerebrospinal fluid leaks, infection, delayed hemorrhage, and adhesion formation. For full product and safety information, speak to your physician and refer to the instructions for use.


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