You have been following all of it here on FaceBook. The testimoney and the FDA hearings back in March and then, just a few days ago last month, the Chris Elliott Fund (CEF) and I were honored at the National Brain Tumor Society’s Annual Mtg. & Summit/Conference in Philadelphia, specifically for the quality and thoroughness of the support we deliver to brain tumor patients.

I am learning the hard way that success comes with the obligation to do even more. This is on toop of the services that CEF already provides.  Our immediate need is for office space in the Issaquah/I-90 Cooridor/Eastgate area and a donation of $65,000 to fund our first salaried employee, a Health Information Specialist.  This is so that we can continue to have the capacity to provide support for the 300-500 patient/caregiver inquiries that come our way on a daily basis.  We are are at capacity now in responding to this “calls for help” and know that now that the NBTS has closed their Patient Support Services Program and Help Line, we are anticipating another 1,000+ inquiries per month to come in.  We’d like to be able to support all and provide HOPE to all.

Thus, I am again reaching out to ASK for your help & support.  This time, my ASK would be if you or someone you know with Year-End Funding available which would give CEF a “jump start” in our capacity building inititative, if you could provide an introduction to us at [email protected].  I am thinking of individuals who need Year-End Tax Deductions for Tax and Estate Planning Purposes, Corporate Sponsors/Underwriters, etc.  Think about WHO you know in a large company’s Community Relations and Marketing Departments.

BLESSINGS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! Dellann Elliott, Founder, President & CEO, Chris Elliott Fund