Community Hospitals and Oncologists…Team Up!

The EndBrainCancer Initiative seeks to create dialogue and partnerships with community hospitals and oncologists. Our purpose is to help patients get the best and most promising treatments possible. At EBCI, on patients’ behalf and at their request, we help facilitate team building, genetic testing, brain cancer specialist input, connections with neuro-oncologists and centers of excellence, access to specific treatments and and trials, etc. Our “Team Up” Initiative thus seeks to help hospitals and oncologists:

  1. Remain at the cutting edge of your specific area of therapeutic interest or delivery.
  2. Provide new opportunities for advanced treatments and clinical trials (both publicly and privately funded) in your community.
  3. Gain recognition as a thought-leader within your professional community and help your institution advance in research.
  4. Open opportunities for additional revenue for your practice or hospital.
  5. Get information about trials that want to find professional and institutional partners.
  6. Offer your patients new treatments that may only be available through participation in clinical trials.
  7. Support the advancement of breakthroughs in the area of treating brain cancer.