It’s almost been ten years since I heard the word Glioblastoma, and in those ten years, I have had the pleasure of meeting only a handful of the most compassionate and endearing brain tumor specialists ( I am sure there are more and I look forward to meeting them) but for now there have been only a handful that I have had the opportunity to embrace.  They spend their days working with brain tumor patients, their families, their caregivers, and working within the walls of their highly constricted political systems, and somehow break through to really make a major difference with this disease as they truly become part of the cure.  They are truly my heroes.  Each time I meet one of these unique and compassionate individuals, I am reminded about human kind and what it’s supposed to be like for everyone, as I am rejuvenated, recharged, revitalized, and instilled with hope.  I want everyone to be treated by one of these amazing, caring specialists, as they provide a real life extension to the patient’s outcome and diagnosis, through knowledge and humankindness.  They can actually extend lives, save lives, and make a difference from living 6 months to….?  They extend the quality time and life of each individual that they treat.  I am so grateful for these people in my life.

I was reminded  last Friday once again, what it means to be around a handful of unique individuals who understand the difficulties of each situation and strive to do whatever it takes, whatever is best for the patient–this is where they focus their efforts, whether politically correct or not, they advocate and service the life of the patient and somehow connect to what is right and what is honorable when it comes to the patient and their care. 

I am lucky to have one of my inspirations right here in Seattle, and I felt the need this evening to reach out and say, thank you Dr. Gregory Foltz for all that you do.  You inspire me to end this disease with you, and believe me, we will.