The Elliott Foundation/Chris Elliott Fund will be representing Bellevue, WA and competing against 200 other cities across the United States tomorrow, June 14th in the TWIVE AND RECEIVE one day event!
We know that Twive and Receive is a competition to win $30,000. But it’s more than that. More than 200 cities across America will fundraise for a local non-profit together tomorrow. Twive and Receive represents a powerful statement about this country’s generosity. For The Elliott Foundation/Chris Elliott Fund it will be a day to raise invaluable funds to help us ensure that every brain tumor patient receives Advanced Brain Tumor Treatment.
We provide day-to-day Brain Tumor Patient Support by working with patients, families, insurance companies, caregivers, hospitals, and doctors all around the world LIVE, in person and via email, FaceBook/Twitter and our website. We are patient advocates in the fight against brain cancer. We believe that every brain tumor patient should have the vitally important information that they need to make the very best decisions about their treatment. This means knowing what their treatment options are and how vitally important getting to an Advanced Brain Tumor Treatment Center is!
How can you help? Join us tomorrow, Thursday, June 14th in the Twive and Receive one-day event! We have a goal of raising $20,000! Tweet about, Add the hash tag #twivereceive to your posts with the link above! Post it on your Facebook page, email your friends, and talk about it too! We are competing to win an additional $30,000 by being the non-profit that raises the most funds between the 200 cities and non-profits competing in Twive and Receive.
The Elliott Foundation/Chris Elliott Fund thanks you for your participation and for helping us to spread MORE awareness for Brain Cancer and the importance of brain tumor patient support services!