You’re here for a reason…

There are many reasons we hear from people every day.

  • Maybe you’ve been told you have a brain tumor and you want to connect to a brain tumor specialist
  • Maybe you have questions about your brain tumor treatment
  • Maybe you have been diagnosed with a brain tumor, but have not had surgery yet, and want to get a second opinion.
  • Maybe you are worried you have brain cancer and are seeking information.
  • Maybe you are waiting on some test results, and are scared.
  • Maybe you’ve been told you have a brain tumor and you want to know what you can do.
  • Maybe your loved one is facing brain cancer and you want to help.

By Dellann Elliott Mydland, Founder & President

I know how you feel…

Many years ago my first husband, Chris, was stricken with brain cancer. I remember the frightening feelings, the panic, the tremendous confusion. In our case, we discovered he had brain cancer through a crisis, a trip by ambulance, surgery and a long sequence of consultations, other surgeries, and treatments.

It was a terribly difficult time for Chris, for myself and our children and all we know. In Chris’s case he did not beat the disease, but he did survive longer than expected. Read Chris’s Story

First Key Decision: FIGHT!

Chris and I made two key decisions early on in that process. The first was we decided to FIGHT. Plunging into the unknown, we decided that his life was worth fighting for. That meant we pursued the best treatment possible. We asked tough questions of our doctors. We got second, third, and sometimes fourth opinions. We traveled long distances to get the best care possible. Chris tried new drugs, new surgeries. Yes, it was exhausting. But it was worth the fight. He got precious extra time with his children, with me, and with friends and family. He was and is an inspiration!

Second Key Decision: HOPE!

Chris began his journey with HOPE. He had a will to live. He believed in a God who is bigger than cancer. He believed in science and medicine. And he believed in himself. He had conquered so many things in life, he had HOPE he could conquer this ultimate enemy. And for awhile he did conquer it. The surgeries, treatments, support he received and his personal faith made a huge difference in his quality and length of life.

And when Chris’s condition worsened and he faced his end of life, he continued to HOPE. The Chris Elliott Fund / End Brain Cancer was born. Literally his HOPE has resulted in medical breakthroughs and thousands of others suffering from brain cancer being touched and helped through our organization.

Some Great Reasons to HOPE!

We at the End Brain Cancer Initiative have worked with hundreds and thousands of patients. We have learned some key things. The first is to ACT immediately. The sooner you take the initiative and advocate for your own health, the better. The second is to  ACCESS the best specialists and top brain cancer centers. Getting the best and right intervention is the key to survival. Those who do so have a much better chance of beating this disease. There are also some very encouraging new approaches to diagnosing and treating brain cancer such as genome profiling, Immunotherapy, Vaccines, MGMT and Protein Testing to name a few. These approaches often help people beat this cancer or extend their lives. Read More About This Research

Take the first step: Begin Your Journey with HOPE

Maybe you are beginning this journey or maybe you are down the road a bit. In either case, I urge you to choose to HOPE (and FIGHT). That means not despairing, not isolating yourself and not being passive. That means taking steps to get informed, advocate for your own health, seeking the best treatment. We ARE HERE TO HELP. The End Brain Cancer Initiative / Chris Elliott Fund exists to help you begin and take that journey. Here are the first steps:

Pick up the phone and call us – 425-444-2215. We will talk to you, ask questions, and answer your questions. We will recommend steps you can take. We will connect you to top doctors and centers.

Fill out the simple form below. This will help us know who you are and track your case in our system. Note everything is confidential.