Wilbur Junge
Nominated by his wife, Kim Junge

Brought to the ER by his 19 year old son on December 23 was one of the bravest things I’ve ever seen. My husband Wilbur was furious and called me to say Brant (son) wouldn’t take him back to work after lunch.

We had been thinking the last few months that something was not right with my husband and my 3 boys father. He was acting very strange and at times I thought he had been drinking. He can be very stubborn so I had to make his doctor appt and beg him to go for blood work. Nothing was showing up. He had been putting in so many hours at work we thought he was having some sort of nervous breakdown. From the day we left that ER with the diagnosis of Probable Glioblastoma we knew we were in for a fight. We had watched and cared for wills own dad and his younger sister. I mean how could this be? He was so confused and scared but mostly angry! Our family has been through this twice! We have had to drag him back to the Hosp for a PE and he now injecta himself 2 x a day with blood thinners. He always fights to get out of Hosp even within 48 hours of brain surgery. This stubbornness serves him well.

He did all of his radiation sometimes driving himself and trying to work as always to care for us. He now does maint chemo and is wearing his optune device like a trooper. We are researching any natural treatments like cbd oil and vit c therapy. He fights to be the survivor in a family thrice cursed by this mean disease. He fights to change the statistics and give hope to our children and family members who are now faced not only with another possible and unbearable loss, but their own mortality and possible diagnosis. He fights to survive another day with all the grace and dignity he can muster and I love him madly for it!

He deserves to be recognized and rewarded and to be quite honest I feel he really needs it at this time. He needs to know we see him fighting and respect him for it. He needs to know we will always look ok at him as our fearless leader. He needs to lift his spirit that is worn down by the daily grind. So I hope and pray you will be able to give him that. It’s something we can’t give him enough of at this time